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Information provided on the Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. web site, is intended to allow our customers immediate calculation based on public information.  While all attempts are made on behalf of Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. to provide accurate, current and reliable information, we recognize the possibility of obtaining erroneous, inaccurate or out of date data, which may be utilized by Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. systems in the calculations which provide data for our customers.  In the event that one of these erroneous, inaccurate or out of date values is/are used for calculation purposes and Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. is notified by any governing agency where the title and registration is taking place of added fees, charges, duties, taxes or money, Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. will collect these fees, charges, duties, taxes or money from the customer with the help of the dealership or user of the system, to satisfy legal obligations on behalf of the owner of the property such as a vehicle, boat, motorcycle or truck.  Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. is not in any way, shape or form responsible for any fees, charges, duties, taxes or money or for any additional fees, charges, taxes or money for inaccurate information obtained from government agencies, government publications or any other publication used in our web site.  This inaccuracy may require Interstate Title Solutions, Inc. to collect reasonable additional fees in addition to the original values calculated by our databases to comply with changes in state, county, municipality, city, township, districts or any other governing agency which may require fees, charges, duties, taxes or any money to register and title a property such as a vehicle, boat, motorcycle or truck in their jurisdiction.

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